2012 m. birželio 26 d., antradienis

News in Gnote

A small update what was going on in Gnote recently.
WebDAV synchronization support
This was the one that took quite a bit of time. Few challenges and successes experienced:
  • Replacement for C# Process class. The tricky part was redirection of programs output, which gave me a good oportunity to learn low level UNIX I/O
  • Integration with gnome-keyring was easy. Instead of porting heaps of C# code I simply used gnome-keyring library and wrapped in Tomboy-compatible classes with only required methods
  • Learned basic usage of wdfs for mounting WebDAV shares
Dropped support for panel applet
With GNOME 3 here, applets are obsolete. Also, Gtkmm finally got Gtk::Application available. This alowed to replace use of GtkApplication by more C++ style code. The later however does not seem to be compatible with panel applet code.
Removed deprecated Gtk::Main
A technical implementation point. It was deprecated in Gtkmm 3.4 with Gtk::Application as an alternative. The you already know.
A look forward
  • Redesigning Gnote as Notes is still a most challenging part.
  • There are couple of add-ins I believe most of us would like to see in Gnote, such as integration with Evolution and note directory watcher.

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