2012 m. gegužės 20 d., sekmadienis

Notes demo

This weekend I tried to experiment with Gnote to make it more like the Notes.
  • I feel, that Gnote currently is not very comfortable to use in Gnome 3 environment
  • I like the ideas in Notes concept
  • We already have Tomboy and Gnote, do we really want one more note taking application?
This was a quick attempt to drag Gnote closer to Notes. So I tried to use existing Gnote widgets in different way, to make it look more like Notes is expected to be. This means, that the result still looks much like Gnote, sometimes not as good as it could be, some parts have been disabled for a quicker result.
However, I think this allows to have some sort of proof-of-concept. Here are the results:
The known Search All Notes window (I was to lazy to rename it :)). Notebooks pane have been removed and "View" button added near search.
When "View" button is clicked, you can choose between "All Notes" (current view, shows all notes) and "Notebooks", which will display all notebooks:
Notebooks view replaces Notes view. The "All Notes" special notebook should be removed, but "Unfiled Notes" should probably stay. Double click on notebook displays it's notes:
Again, the "View" button can be used to go back to "All Notes". Double click on note opens it inside the same window:
What used to be in a separate window, now is embedded into the same. Clearly, this should be polished more, but the general idea is to not have two windows (Search and note), when you can just have one.
What else should be done:
  • Fix all that's broken with this quick redesign
  • Allow multiple windows (currently Gnote allows only one search window open, but with this redesign, opening second one becomes essential)
  • Add application menu for main features
  • Remove menu bar
  • Polish the look
With this done Gnote could possibly be called Notes. Will it be?

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