2012 m. rugsėjo 9 d., sekmadienis

Recent activities

Long time no post...
And it's all because of no big news, while small ones are present.

Gnote news

  • Added synchronization support (currently WebDAV and Local Folder)
  • Added Note Directory Watcher
  • Switched to GNOME versioning scheme (so the next version will be 3.6)
  • 0.8.4 is going to be the last release in 0.8 series
GNOME Lithuanian translation
  • Desktop translation hit 100% for the first time


  • Training martial arts again, this time Muay Thai
  • Visited Paris during holiday, a must-visit city I must say
  • Continue on improving soft-skills
  • Continue to improve typing skills
  • Take more seriously on positive thinking
  • Continue work on redesigning Gnote accorting Note concept

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