2012 m. gegužės 12 d., šeštadienis

Samsung Galaxy Y

I had a long thought on what new phone should I buy. My priorities where:
  • phone, not a pocket PC (size being most important here)
  • long battery time, because I really don't want to charge my phone every day
  • smatphone features prefered, but not essential
  • if smartphone, I prefer Linux-based OS
  • price shouldn't be high
When I looked at what's available, the Galaxy Y caught my eye. In fact it made me consider buying a smartphone (I was more on the side of regular mobile phones befere).

So what are the essentials:
  • small size, nicely fits into my quite small hand, as well as the old belt case, originally baught for Siemens A50, where I carried all my mobiles since
  • it does look more like a phone
  • cheap, costs only a little more than the the simple ordinary phones
  • long batterry time, almost a week when not used much
  • and it's a smartphone after all
Is it for you? Well, if you share the similar thoughts as above and have diubts regarding smartphones, I really recomend you to have a thought about this one.
Finally, some disadvantages:
  • screen size and resolution are small, so it's not for you, if you expect to browse a lot
  • qwerty keyboard is on by default in both orientation. It's fine in horizontal one, but when held verticaly, it is to small even for my tiny fongers, I had to switch to traditional phone keyboard here
  • I wanted to try Mozilla Firefox, but aparantly it's not compatable
  • tried few basic barcode scanners (the ones that do not require any crazy permission), but none of them functioned in a way, that could be called "works"
  • no screen protection
BTW, most of this post was written with the phone. Not most comfortable, but possible.

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