2013 m. spalio 20 d., sekmadienis

Slam them hard

Someone said your language sucks? Slam them back!
  • C/C++/Java
    switch control structure is terrible because of one small issue: fall-through by default. Making break the default behavior and using continue to fall-through would make it perfect. But, not to be...
  • C
    1. Where are the simple data structures like list?
    2. Working with strings?
  • C++
    1. Changed widely used header by accident?
    2. Oops, forgot the copy constructor again?
    3. Great new compiler, now template error messages are only two pages long!
  • C#
    1. Works on every platform as long as it's Windows. Mono? Have you at least tried it?
    2. When invoking delegate, you have to check if it's not null! Why?!
  • Java
    1. Need to return two values from method again?
    2. When compiling Java became faster than C++, then Maven was invented...
    3. Java <=1.4: who needs templates, store plain objects in collections, Java >=1.5: generics!
    4. Java <=1.7: interfaces are absolutely abstract, anything else would be insane! Java 1.7: great news, you can now provide default implementation in the interface!
    5. Terrible slowness on a large scale and you can scale it even further!
  • Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby
    1. Mistyped variable again when assigning?
    2. Added extra argument to widely used function?
  • JavaScript
    1. Forgot to write var... in two places...
    2. Object is function and function is object, but you can't call this function, because it's not a function
    3. Fragility of C + the power of C++ + extra ammunition

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