2011 m. spalio 15 d., šeštadienis

Upcomming Gnote updates

Just recently Gnote 0.8.0 was released. But it's time for more frequent releases, isn't it?

So what's new for Gnote 0.8.1:
  • Significantly optimized note creation, renaming and deletion. When hundreds of notes are present, any of these actions could take up to several seconds. Now, thanks to Debarshi Ray, it should no longer anoy users.
  • Search All Notes window made cleaner removing a feature no one needs:
  • Search was also improved. Now when you search in a notebook and get zero results, we inform you about that:

In addition, there will be a new release of 0.7 series. The 0.7.6 will get the optimizations of 0.8.1.

Happy note-taking!

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