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Help to test Gnote

Please, help to test few Gnote patches!

Port panel applet to D-Bus (libpanelapplet-3.0):


Undo/redo with bulleted lists:


How to test

You need to be able to build Gnote from source code!

You need to either get the fresh copy of source code from git:

git clone git://git.gnome.org/gnote

or to perform a distclean and pull the latest changes from git:

make distclean

git pull

Download all 3 patches from 2 bugs above and apply them:

git am 0002-Port-panel-applet-to-D-Bus.patch

git am 0001-Add-is_bullet-to-NoteBuffer.patch

git am 0002-Fix-redo-with-multiline-paste-and-bullets.patch

Now build Gnote as usual:

./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr


su -c 'make install'

What to test

  • Use panel applet - you will test the port of applet to D-Bus.

  • Use bullets, copy&paste and undo/redo functionality in all ways you imagine. Everything should work well.


  • Pasting a piece of formatted text is not single operation in terms of undo/redo, it's a lot of primitive operations at the moment. This might be improved in the future, but we need to solve present problems first.

  • Report noticed bugs to appropriate bugs.

  • For some reason bugzilla didn't treat applet patch as text is is not showing a diff.

I'll be running Gnote with these patches on my machine for about a week, so that's the testing period. Thanks in advance!

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